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*Prices are in U.S. Dollars and subject to change. An application fee of $100 is nonrefundable.

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I.L.P. Tuition fees are per 8-Week Sessions. Tuition fees of preparation courses are per 4 to 5-week sessions. Cost structure of other services may vary based on service type and intensity.

Course registration can be cancelled no less than two weeks prior to the course start date.

Registration may be deferred in some cases to the following term. Transfer of registration to another individual is not permitted. Full refund  will be granted in the event a course is cancelled by ALA-edge or Davis College.

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Intensive Language
​(I.L.P.) Diploma

$2,800* / Session

* Textbooks, web-based resources, and lab fees are included.

* Tuition may vary for basic levels and part-time courses.

* Tuition fees are subject to change.


Full Course :$1,399
Half Course: $950
On-Demand: $40/hr

Above prices apply to PTE, MELAB, ACCUPLACER, or most English proficiency tests.


Contact us for more details.

(Study English Abroad)
Summer Program*

6 weeks of Semi-intensive English learning, weekend activities/trips, housing, medical insurance, transportation, two daily meals, visa application processing, air tickets, and numerous educational and entertaining activities!

For more details, contact us to have more information or to receive  the program brochure.

* Pricing is in U.S. dollars and can be changed with further notice.

Need to prepare for ​GMAT, GRE, MCAT, LSAT? No problem, we are fully dedicated to help you achieve your score. Higher Score is guaranteed!

We only offer courses to groups of 8 or more. However, we have personalized courses to meet your special demands. 

Please contact us for more details of pricing and course structure. 

Workforce Development, Training, and Academic Tutoring
ALA-edge strives to provide the workforce "only" the best training. We design and offer training that is tailored to fit your needs and exceed your expectations. We only hire the best trainers of their fields of expertise, be it On-the-Job English Training, Public Speaking, SAP, Six Sigma Certification Training, or the like. We definitely can help you get better at what you do!

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